I am passionate about belly dance. Passionate about form, line, learning, and sharing.

I love drilling so that I may improve as a dancer.

If you're equally passionate about technique, join me in weekly practice.


Ballet dancers drill day in, day out.

This is simply known as class.

They drill, drill, drill, in order to perfect their moves... and never have to think twice whichever move is called for.

Belly Dance

We belly dancers are so lucky!

Our art form is constantly evolving.

We can draw upon

Egyptian, Turkish, ATS, ballet, jazz,

rock and folk dances for inspiration.


We attend regular classes

and the occasional workshop.

One thing we miss is a Saturday class.

So continue learning from

your favourite teacher during the week,

and practise with me on Saturdays.

Training and Qualifications


I have been fortunate enough to learn from

some of the best teachers and instructors

any dancer could hope for, and I still attend their courses and workshops.


I have attained IDTA Third Gold Bar, again,

thanks to my excellent teachers.

I am also a member of the Raqs Chicks, a troupe specialising in fusion dance to mainly rock music.


I am thrilled to be learning ballet as a Silver Swan at the Royal Academy of Dance.




Helen Santa Maria teaches in and around Reading;

she also runs an online course comprising

a set of video tutorials from the most basic belly dance moves through to intricate choreographies.

I have been a member of her Desert Pearls troupe,

and hold an SMBA Apprenticeship Certificate.




Rachel Bennet teaches in the Windsor/ Wokingham/ Maidenhead area.

I am a proud Angel of the Orient

as well as a member of her Stars of the Orient troupe,

and hold an RBSB Teaching Certificate.



Al Warner of Jawahir teaches in Bracknell; I am delighted to be a member of Al's Tribal Babylon.



My first teaching certificate came from a

JWAAD Professional Training Course.



I am a member of MADN, the Mosaic Arabic Dance Network.


Feyza Howell





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